7850 oc would like some insight

Ok so i just ordered a new pc in parts and its all arriving in the next few days.

I ended up ordering a gigabyte 7850 2gb oc (975) gpu cause the 7870's on sale at the time were out of stock. My question is does anyone have this card or a similar 7850 that could tell me how well it will perform gaming? Will it handle high/ultra settings on say skyrim/farcry3 @ 1080p reslutions with playable fps?

Any info fraps screens or links to benchmarks would be apreciated.

Rest of system for reference
X4 965 be cpu
Asrock 970 extreme pro 3 mobo
Antec 620w hcg psu
8gb ram
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  1. Battlefield 3 - if you want constant 60 fps, you'll have to stick with high settings preset.

    Skyrim - should do ultra without any problems.
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