Critique my sub 900 gaming build

Looking for a gaming build, the case doesnt support usb 3.0, not sure if I should switch it out. Initially I dont plan on OC but would like the option in the future. I already have a monitor and HD. Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. great build :) some ppl said that xfx 7950 cant be OCed. is it okay?
  2. Hi, if you can make some changes, you can get a 7970 under 900$ :

    That psu is made by seasonic and will do for the card.
    Just a suggestion, you can put in there a 7950, if you want to, like this one :
  3. Is it worth the extra cash for a 7970?
  4. You're missing a fair bit of parts there, but that's okay.

    If you aren't going to overclock, the 7970 is worth it. That being said, I highly suggest you do three things:

    1) Overclock. A mild overclock can make a big difference.

    2) Going off of that, grab a CPU cooler - I recommend the Hyper 212 + or EVO.

    3) Get an SSD. Even if you have a hard drive, get a 128GB ssd to put windows on - it makes a HUGE difference as to how fast and responsive your computer feels.
  5. Hi, like darksable said, it's worth it,the 7970 sapphire is a good card, it can overclock well, i didn't know the rest, a cooler like he said is essential for overclocking, i didn't know if you needed one.
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