Can we fix HDD that's partially accessible?

While using Windows 2000 server file search, when I came back from TV show, I found it had blue screen with white text saying to restart Windows 2000 server with some error.
When I restarted it, operating system was not found.
Huk!!! Shocking
I tried to recover in vain using windows 2000 server files.
I cannot see the primary partition of HDD from another Windows 2000 server machine, it asks me to format it. I can see the 2ndary partition only. However when I boot with win98 dos boot disk, I can read the primary partition.

I tested it with Dell Diagnostic Disk and it passed all the HDD tests: something and seek, read, write and so on tests...

Anyone knows what's going on? or how to fix this? if possible.

MAXTOR UATA66 6.7GB I got it in 1998.
model is something like 90500U2
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  1. I would get as much of your critical data backed up first. Then you can mess about.

    Might have to do a system restore. Maybe even a re-format.

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