Will Athlon II X4 640 handle a HD6970?

hi everyone,
at the moment i have Athlon II X4 640, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD6570,
i'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card to AMD Radeon 6970 so i can run Far Cry 3 on ultra, and other games.
Will my processor be ok? I've just learnt about bottleneck... also will i need any special cooling system? At the moment i have a really basic fan, it can be quite noisy so i need a new one anyways, any suggestions?

many thanks everyone
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  1. Get a next-gen card like 7870 or if you can afford get 7970 Ghz Edition.
    Ya, change that processor with i5 3470.
    If you can, then get a new fan.
  2. People talk about the cpu being the bottle neck, But it relates to how a game uses the Cpu as much as a the Gpu on a graphics card, each game has its own way of how much it uses the Gpu and the Cpu. Intel chips are faster per clock as said, but a Quad core should cope.
    Fine there again it does depend on if the said game was coded to use four cores of a Cpu.
    Even today though we have four and six and now eight core Cpu`s there is a lot of software out there including games that simply dont use the extra cpu cores for processing.
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