Please help going insane :0)

hi everyone im hoping someone will be able to help me

i have a

hd 4350 gpu

a coolermaster rs500 pcap-13 psu

ms7525 mb with latest bios

3gb ram

E2220 proccesor

i am trying to install a gigabyte 260gtx soc

the psu has one 6 pin pcie power plug the card has 2 6pin sockets so im getting the second feed from a molex to pcie power adapter but the darn thing just doesnt do anything the whole system doesnt boot
no fans no beeps no nothing
the adapter works fine running a 9600 gso so its not the adapter
any help or ideas please
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  1. hi

    is the gtx 260 second hand
  2. shouldn't it be 2 molex to 6pin plug ? "Y" adapter ?

    used card might not be any good

    try swapping different molex connectors.

    PS just isn't beefy enough ?
  3. yes its a used card my friend has upgraded his and donated this one to me

    thanks for the reply, yes it is 2 4 pin molex to 6 pin pcie

    card still works in donor tower (my friend has upgraded and given me this card, he took it back and put it back in his pc last night and it works)

    ps not beefy enough is my thoughts but vendor insists it is
    trying to baffle me with rubbish lol

    im going to try a new power supply tomorrow friend who gave me the card is bringing his 750w one out of his tower round to try
  4. Yeah 500 watts should be plenty for your setup but maybe if your PSU is really old and its providing alot less power than it should.
  5. good luck and let us know how it goes.
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