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I've been recently burned by a Visioneer scanner that was supposedly XP compatible, but has a major issue with USB. The stupid thing is 6 months old, but it's a "discontinued item", so it would cost $2 a minute for support that might or might not help me fix the problem. Ain't gonna happen!

So, I need to know about flatbed scanners that are cheap, but with reasonable scan quality AND are Windows XP compatible and tested by actual users. That's more important than price, but since I don't have much money, price IS still important.

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  1. Scanners are cheap. You can get a good Epson or HP for less than $75. Watch Officemax and Staples for some of their rebate offers.
  2. Thanks, but I'm hoping for specific recommendations from people who are running the recommended model under Win XP (Pro preferrably) using a USB port on a system about a year old.

    I know that's being picky, but I can't afford to buy another scanner that won't work!

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  3. I've been using an Acer 610 with USB interface for about two years now. It's a little slow, but does the job and I've never had a problem with it. Bought it new for $49. Sorry, if I wasn't more specific. I figured you just wanted a scanner for general use, in which case, seriously, any HP or Epson scanner will do. I think the problem you had is the exception rather than the rule. Let me know what you want to use the scanner for and I can probably give you more specific recommendations.
  4. Well, frankly, I'll be happy with any flatbed scanner that uses USB and has current working drivers under Win XP Pro. The trouble I have with the Visioneer is that the company did a very poor job of engineering the USB drivers for XP. It would work just fine under 9x/ME, but I refuse to backtrack just for the sake of a cheap scanner.

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  5. I think it works better in WINXP, pluS SP1.

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  6. Canon scanners may be the best in the world, BUT, their attitude towards customers SUCKS. I have 3(!!!) Canon printers sitting here on the shelf. Nothing is wrong with them EXCEPT that Canon decided not to write drivers for XP for these not-so-old printers.

    Let's just leave Canon out of this discussion.

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  7. I just posted this on another thread but it is almost identical to the question you are asking. One model scanner that I would look into is the Microtek Scanmaker 6000. I just picked one up to go with my film scanner and the quality is great. It has USB 2.0 if you are at all concerned with speed as well. Other than that it has 6400x3200 optical resolution. You probably won't need anything higher than that as those size files are astronomical and defeat the purpose of a home based scanner used for email, etc. You can check out the specs on the scanner at Best Buy or at their website:
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