Windows 8 won't boot anymore.

I deleted steam from my ssd to allocate some space. After i deleted I noticed it only freed up like 3gbs of space even though I deleted a 39gb files. So I ran an optimization on the Samsung ssd software that came with the drive then I restarted the computer. Now it is a brick! I can still get into bios but when I boot the ssd it just loads windows 8 indefinitely! What did I do and I do I fix it?
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  1. restore your system to a time before you ran that optimization thing
  2. I thought system restore wasn't working because it froze on a "blue screen" for 20 minutes then it popped up like nothing was wrong. I am running system restore now. Neon, do you know why my ssd only showed 3gb of newly freed space?
  3. Well.. It appears system restore was a failure. I am right back where I started.
  4. I am going to leave on the loading screen for 30 min and see if anything happens.
  5. thats... strange.

    is your ssd dying? o0
  6. That would be ridiculous... I bought it 5 days ago.
  7. It is not ridiculous for you to propose it but it would be if it happened. I have heard of them failing very quickly.
  8. if its only been 5 days its not that ridiculous. stuff tends to break right away or after a long time.

    thats why extended warrenties are for suckers ;p
  9. The SSD could have been a dud
  10. Yeah, I am thinking that is the case. It is booting now but it is taking 500x longer and it repairs the drive every time it start it up...
  11. I may format the drive and reinstall windows.
  12. If it doesn't start booting at the right speed without repairing every time I start up I am calling Samsung.
  13. I would assume this has a way to send it back and get a replacement, maybe call Samsung to see if you can get it.
  14. I really wanted to play Planetside 2 tonight.
  15. if you have a storage hdd you could always install windows to that
  16. True... But then it wouldn't boot like lightening
  17. at least it would boot lol
  18. I am going to go ahead and install it on my regulars hdd. Tomorrow I will call Samsung and ask me to send me a new one. Maybe they will even give me the 256gb version for wasting my time.
  19. I hope you have not formated yet.
    connect your drive to power, boot to BIOS and leave your system there overnight.
    I expect that you drive is wedged up in its idle time TRIM and garbage collection routines in the SSD firmware. These routines require free drive space and will run very slowly when the drive fills up.
    The hope is that providing power to the drive but not booting will allow the firmware
    functions to complete its deletion of your freed file space.
    not sure what will happen with running the extra samsung software.
    if you get drive to boot, clean out your recycle bin and shutdown but keep power to the drive for a bit.
  20. I haven't formatted. So leave it on the Asus uefi bios utility over night?
  21. Johnbl, I deleted everything from the recycle bin before all this happened but I will try the over night bios. Please get back to me tomorrow.
  22. I left it in bios overnight but when I tried to boot it this morning it stayed on the load screen again.
  23. I am still not sure about why people waste money on SSDs... their problems greatly outweigh the benefits. =_=

    Do people really need their computer to boot in 10 seconds? Mine only takes 25 seconds and I can't even get myself a drink that fast...
  24. what a silly thing to say, it affects a lot more than boot times and most ssds work flawlessly
  25. alexbd88 said:
    I left it in bios overnight but when I tried to boot it this morning it stayed on the load screen again.

    bummer, looks like you will have to boot off another OS image and see if you can even access the SSD. if you can access the SSD I would do a chkdsk scan and see if I could see what the problem is.
  26. Pepto - concur with neon neophyte assesement - have 13 SSD by a host of diff manuf - NOT a single failure, Not even exteme slow downs.
    Just Sata III SSDs - 3 Crucial M42, 3 Samsung 830's, 1 Smasung 840 Pro, even two (UGH) 120 gig agility IIIs.

    Alexbd88, don't take this the wrong way, BUT this is way starting with windows 7, Usoft now includes an EXCELLENT back up utility to create a system image of your sstem (Your case SSD). Hade you done this most likely you could have recovered in about 15 Minutes to a state EXACTLY as the SSD was when you created the Image.
    NOTE: Windows 8 buried this great utility, Why is a great mystry).
    Just used this the other day to transfer My 128 gig Samsung 830 Windows 8 to a Samsung 256 gig 840 Pro. As I indicated Time to create image about 10 Minutes, It will prompt you to crete a repair disK, Swap old SS out install New SR 5 Min. Boot to repair disk and re install image to New SSD about 15 Min. Reboot and I system was exactly as it was, only with a larger SSD.

    What I would do in your case is connect the SSD to a 2nd system and run Samsungs Magician. Do a secure erease. Reload windows 8 - THEN CREATE the image that I mentioned.
  27. holy crap why do you have so many ssds
  28. More money than common sense, I quess - LOLs Some one told me that I can not take it with me.
    As long as the Money I spend is My "pocket change, Wife does NOT object, But then she blows her's on the shopping channels, Hehe

    1) Have 2 desktops and three laptop + wife's desktop. Both desktops have two installed, one for OS + Program drive and one for My most often accessed files. My newest laptop Samsung RF711 is also set-up this way, But have the 3rd SSD that I can swap in/out with Win 8 installed. One laptop has a single drive bay, but have too swap drives depending on usage (Both have win 7). O'scope capture program will not co-exist with Program to down load temperature and Humidity for a cleanroom - com port driver issues.

    Started with Sata II SSDs (Intel G2, a Torqx, a Pheonix Pro, and a WD Blue. Also Bought a Intel G1 by Mistake - failed to reseach. Then started replacing with 128 gig Sata III SSDs as 256 gig were way to expensive, However most of my 256 gig SSD (except the 840 pro) were cheaper than what I paid for the 128 gig SSDs.
  29. Fixed: It turned out Windows didn't like an hdd I had installed the previous day. The SSD is fine. Once I took out the hdd it started booting up normally. Its a shame because that hdd I took out was 500gbs.
  30. Best answer
    thats weird, is it related to your motherboard no longer recognizing the ssd as the primary drive and not being able to find the boot manager?
  31. Delete all partitions on the HDD, re-partition and formate should solve that issue.
    Don't leave home with out - UBCD
    Pick the utility to delete partitions.
    Then there is alway Diskpart cmd (buried on Installation DVD) BUT this is NOT for the faint of hearts - But I love.
    Access diskpart from Windows install disk:
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