Can I install DX9c over DX10-11

I have 2 games Call of Duty 2 & Flight Simulator X. Both games were running well for a while with no changes to the system. Now when I play any of these games I get a black screen, however sound is still there. I have to restart to get the screen back. I have updated the driver (Radeon 3800 Series. On reinstalling the games I get asked if I want to install DX9c but by saying ok it tells me that a later and equivilent version is installed. I asume that windows update changed the original setup.
Can I force install DX9c or run it withDX10-11?
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  1. You dont want to do that. And you shouldn't need to do that either.
    Have you tried a graphics driver rollback to a known working driver yet?
    It might be that the updated driver isn't the one you want for those older games.
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