Graphics card HELP!!

CPU = core 2 duo E7500 @2.93 GHz
Motherboard = DG31PR
Monitor = hcl. 1366x768 resolution.
SMPS = local made. 300Watt (getting a new Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU )

I m a casual gamer. I need a descent fps while gaming. Budget 6k.
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  1. 6k what?
  2. 100 $ :) 6000 rs in India :)
  3. Is it compatible with my motherboard Pci express ? Cause i've read few reviews where 2.1 was not supported in 2.0 pci slot :( and secondly how about zotac Gts 450?
  4. GTS 450 is good, around 10% slower than HD 7750.

    PCIe 2.1 cards are supported in 2.0 boards. They aren't supported in 1.0 boards.
  5. So can i go with the GTS 450 zotac edition? Also if i go with any PCIe 2.1 Graphics card do i need to update my BIOS?
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    Yes you can. And no, you should not need to do that.
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  8. Thank you :D im going for GTs 450 :D
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