7870 mom.exe framwork error

Just installed my new beast of a PC & put Windows 7 on. Here are relevant components to my question:
-3570k processor
-7870 windforce graphics
-extreme 4 motherboard

On Windows startup I get a error saying MOM.exe could not be started and its because of a .NET framework version 4 error.

//Attempts made to fix it (all unsuccessful)
1.So I've uninstalled the .NET framework and re-installed it from the Microsoft website twice. Still didn't fix the issue.

2.re-installed the graphics card driver (I believe it was the 12.9 version from the AMD website I used)

Because I can't fix it, I've just removed it from startup in msconfig until someone comes up with a solution. Please advise if you have any suggestions on how to remediate this problem. Tonight, I will install CC cleaner to try remove bad registry entries, then try the 2 steps above again. I would be grateful if someone knows the fix to this issue.

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  1. Install .Net framework 4 before installing driver.
    .Net framework is a requirement to install driver properly on AMD cards.
    Open windows update and tick recommended update box.
  2. I also had the same issue with a Brand New HIS 7770 Video card......I removed the latest Net Framework 3.5....went to MS and down loaded the Net Frame works 3.5.......fully installed it and rebooted and then My CCC and 12.8 video driver all Installed nicely.......Hope that it works for you too ?
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