Need lot's help, many many questions.

After building my PC I still have many questions and concerns that have been on my mind for awhile. Though I have learnt a lot on the forums I still have much to learn, even some basics. To save time, I'll list my questions;

-The Advanced Mode UEFI BIOS on my ASUS Sabertooth Z77 is assbackwards frustrating and confusing to use. Recently, it's been prompting me to F1 upon boot up because there is a CPU fan error (the CPU fan is running at like 595RPM, even though I set it to 600 minimum) How do I get it to spin to like 700RPM minimum when the lowest minimum is 600? Also why is it doing this?

-Why is it now saying that my target DRAM speed is 1854 instead of 1866? It just started that today.

-How often do I need to replace thermal paste?

-What would better help with cooling; better fans or a full tower case?

-Can a USB 3.0 slot on the motherboard be used on a USB 2.0 device (if yes), does the USB 3.0 increase transfer speeds for USB 2.0 devices as well?

-What devices use USB 3.0? (ones that you know of)

-What are eSATA ports used for?

-What is the Display Port used for?

-Can you use a monitor to connect to a Xbox 360 etc? I've heard of people using their monitors for 3D on their console, however monitors don't have AV ports last time I checked. How is this possible?

-How do you overclock or at least use turbo boost?

Thanks for reading and if you take the time to answer all these questions or even some, I will greatly appreciate it.
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  1. I can answer at least one. Ususally, people plug their 360/ps3 into the hdmi port in the back of newer monitors.

    If you plug the usb 3.0 into a 2.0, it slows down to 2.0 speed.

    You shouldn't need to replace thermal paste

    Better cooling is a mix of both. If you have a decent case such as the storm enforcer, which has 2x 200mm fans, it will move more air with less rotations allowing for more efficient cooling. You can always just get more fans if you find you components are getting too hot.

    Display port is usually used when running EyeFinity for the extra monitors
  2. Thanks. Also I just remembered an important one, if you have two monitors, can you control both with different mouses? That would be extremely convenient.
  3. - that is an issue ASUS has all you need to do is adjust the speed limit to something in the bios and it should stop just look it up and im sure you will find it really quick

    - As long as it is still performing as well as ever and is not crashing then dont worry about it though updating your bios may help(for 1 too)

    - every 1-2 years or when it starts giving you trouble

    - cooling what? i would say get water cooling if it really is that important you dont need a full tower case because you only need that if you are installing water cooling, also if you are on a tight budget then sure add as many fans as possible and make sure to have after market heatsink on your cpu(Hyper 212+)

    - Yes it can, and i dont think it does no

    - external hard drive, some features like maybe a ethernet ot USB and some mice do too they also work in 2.0 just if they are 3.0 it adds that extra boost(normaly only need for things like hard drives and htings transferring data)

    -they are used for if you want to attach a internal hard drive or addon like that externally kind of like a quick switchable drive

    -display port which is the one on the back of the graphics card that is not HDMI, VGA, or DVI it can be used if you are using multiple screens though just using all the DVI, VGA, and HDMI ports work just as good

    -yeah you can all you need to do if you an HDMI connector is connect it VIA HDMI but i fyou have DVI and VGA only get this(works great for me)

    -Overclocking takes some time and effort read this to get started also what do you want to overclock,1916.html
    this is very basic if you want to learn more i can get you a few more sites/videos that i learned from or you can start a thread in the overclocking areas and learn everything there is to know(they will also give you sites to read bu possibly better ones than i will give)

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    The CPU Fan Error MAY be just because your fan-checking routines in BIOS Setup have been set with a minimum Fan speed limit of 600 rpm, and the fan is actually not running that fast. Probably that's because the CPU temp is OK at 595 RPM and it does not need more at low processor load at start-up. That is good. The solution may be simply for you to change (reduce) the setting for min fan speed that the CPU fan checker uses for sending out an alarm - say, 560 rpm.

    If that is not possible, there may be a place for you to set the automatic CPU fan speed control system to use a higher minimum fan speed like 650 rpm.

    On thermal paste, I agree you rarely need to change it.

    Another factor for best cooling is clear airflow paths. Keep cabling neatly bunched up to the side as much as you can, and make sure the areas around the fans (even on the outside of the case) are free of obstructions.

    A USB2 device on a USB3 port will work, but only at the USB2 speed.

    External hard drives and hard drive enclosures are two types of devices available now in USB3 form. Both are an improvement over USB2, The USB2 interface was slower than a typical HDD speed, but USB3 is much faster. This you will achieve the full speed capability of the HDD (but less than the max speed of USB3). Many common USB devices like mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. don't need to additional speed of USB3. So, if you have both USB2 and USB3 ports on your system, use slower devices on the USB2 ports and reserve USB3 for faster ones.

    eSATA is another interface for connecting external devices, most often hard drives in enclosures. It is an enhanced version of the original SATA device interface. Two significant enhancements are ability to use longer signal cables (because signals are done at slightly higher voltages) and support for Hot Swapping. It is faster than USB2 and close to Firewire 400 (aka IEEE1394a) speeds, but not quite as fast as USB3. On the other hand, all three of these interface designs are much faster than HDD's themselves, so using any of them for an external HDD means the actual performance is limited by the HDD speed, and not the interface. For example, I have a SATA HDD mounted in an external enclosure and connected via eSATA. It performance is just about the same as my internal HDD's.

    An eSATA port on your system which supports the "port multiplier" feature allows an external device also so equipped to connect several (up to 4? or more?) devices (for example, several HDD's in one external case) to a single eSATA port on the host computer.

    When you use two monitors driven by a video card that supports such an arrangement, each monitor often shows you only a portion of the total "screen". Then you place your Windows on whichever monitor you wish. For example, some users would place a game or two in windows on one monitor, and e-mail and a word processor window on another. I am NOT clear, myself, how well Windows handles two simultaneous mice. I suspect that it can be done as long as you don't confuse it by moving both mice at the same time. However, I doubt that would achieve what you want. Windows will only act as if there is ONE mouse in the system, and place only ONE mouse cursor on the screen. No matter which physical mouse you move, it will START to move the cursor from its current position. To get to the other screen, you're still going to have to move the mouse there. You might as well use just one physical mouse to do that.

    Later thought: I see my son using two "mice" for a good reason. The second is some special "super-mouse" controller for gamers, and he has that connected as well as a regular mouse. When he's playing games on his main larger screen, he uses that special controller. When he's doing simple things or writing code on the smaller screen, he uses a plain mouse. But still, the two devices control only one on-screen pointer, and he moves it where needed.
  5. thetechnoobguy said:
    Thanks. Also I just remembered an important one, if you have two monitors, can you control both with different mouses? That would be extremely convenient.

    Dont think thats possible
  6. jesus camo you are just posting on EVERY thread :P

    also no it is not possible, unfortunetely but you can have one always on the desktop and one for gaming so yeah
  7. PanicMaster85 said:
    jesus camo you are just posting on EVERY thread :P

    Might as well make that your sig ;)
  8. :lol:

    anyways op if your questions have been answered please pick a best answer
  9. Quote:
    the setting for min fan speed that the CPU fan checker uses for sending out an alarm - say, 560 rpm.

    I don't mind it spinning faster honestly, even if it doesn't need to. Or would that be bad for it to spin higher when it doesn't need to?

    automatic CPU fan speed control system to use a higher minimum fan speed

    Do you have an idea of how I would do this? Or where to look?

    On thermal paste, I agree you rarely need to change it.

    Someone told me I need to replace it every 6 months.

    As for the monitor thing, I'm kind of confused. What I want to be able to do is play a game on my main monitor, my nice one, then use my crappy one with the VGA port and put a map there to look at and move around when I need to, instead of having to Ctrl +Esc all the time which leaves me vulnerable in-game.

    My monitor has USB ports on the side of it, maybe plugging my mouse in it will allow me to use two mice?

    Also thanks for all the help so far. I still don't know how to do the intel turbo boost or whatever. I was thinking of turbo boosting 24/7.
  10. yeah thats what i do with the monitor thing, just go
    control panel
    search monitor
    set up this computer to use multiple monitors
    then identify
    set the nice one as your main monitor and the
    multiple displays-Extend these displays

    hope this helps
  11. I still don't know how to use one mouse on one monitor and one on my main one. I plugged both in and they're only working for one.
  12. Ok so when you mvoe the mouse to the corner of the screen it goes over. Problem is, in game it goes out when I go to move stuff around on the other screen.
  13. thetechnoobguy said:
    Ok so when you mvoe the mouse to the corner of the screen it goes over. Problem is, in game it goes out when I go to move stuff around on the other screen.

    You can only control one mouse per computer. Dont matter how many screens, only 1 mouse.
  14. yeah unfortunetely it has to cut out and can only use 1 mouse, also isnt that sausai or something like that in your profile pic?
  15. Ok well now I'm scared because my hard drive had a heart attack and got extremely loud when I was using both screens, like it was vibrating my whole case so I think it's time I get a new hard drive, I wanted to anyway. Also it was hard to choose best answer but I will give it to peperdoc because his reply was very detailed thanks everyone.
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