Gtx 650 - Windows 7 not loading after installation.

Help Me !

I installed my Nvidia Gtx 650 to my pc, then when i restarted the pc, windows won't continue to load.

Before installation, I already electrically shocked myself, and set the primary graphics to onboard video. I don't have any old video card driver. I have an antec neo eco 520watts.

I rolled back the driver to standard vga, then installed gtx 650 again, then windows won't start up again. What seems to be the problem ? I really need an advice. A.S.A.P
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  1. Have you connected your monitor cables to the GTX 650? If so, can you install the nvidia drivers before installing the gtx 650 (go back to inboard GPU)
  2. Yes I have connected the monitor cables, No, I think that is not possible, If you're talking about the standard VGA yes I could use it. However, I need an answer, is my GPU broken ?
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