Change my old Nvidia 9500Gt to gtx 550ti

Hello, i'm newbi..
My Spec :
Intel Core 2 quad q6600
Asus P5q pro
PSU standart 450 watt
Monitor 18,5"
Memory 6gb
Can i change to Nvidia gtx 550 ti my old 9500t? Have a problem to my Spec? Help Please... Sorry, my english too bad...
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  1. Get the new gen cards, GTX 600 series. Search for the card which comes in your budget.
  2. Thanks for the reply... is it support to the PSU if i get the gtx 600series?? (Sorry, my english not good :) )
  3. Yeah GTX 660 recommends a 450w.
  4. i run PES 2012, PES 2013 on my PC... it said " The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Bla..bla..bla... " ( I use : Windows 7 ultimate 64bit, update the Microsoft NetFx45, update the new driver nvidia). How to solve the problem? just want to know the problem...
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