6850 vs xfx 7770 or GTX 650 ?

heey i was planning to buy an GTX 650.
after i searched a bit more i saw that i could get for couple euro's more a XFX HD 7770 double D
now im asking whice one is better ? options are

-XFX HD 7770 Double Dissipation
-Geforce GTX 650 palit overclocked edition
-Gigabyte 6850

im not that experienced but here some info

XFX HD 7770 Double Dissipation :
Core Clock 1000MHz
Memory clock 4.5Ghz
Memory interface 128Bit

Geforce GTX 650 palit overclocked edition
Core Clock 1071MHz
Memory Clock 5.2GHz
Memory Interface 128Bit

GIgabyte 6850
Core Clock 775MHz
Memory Clock 4000MHz

whice one is better ?

im planning to get the 6850. because im trying to win from a giveaway :)
but if i dont win i dont know what to do

The XFX HD 7770 has core clock 1000MHz and memory 4.5Ghz
The GTX Has core clock 5.2Ghz and core clock 1071 MHz

but is the gigabyte good enough to play many games on high
on screen 1920x1080 ? like euro truck simulator 2 ?

system specs

CPU : AMD X4 640
GPU : club 3d hd 4350 (want a better one)
Motherboard : ASRock N68 VS3 UCC
Memory : 4GB DDR3 1600MHz

the PSU is 350 watt. but gonna buy a better i think 600 watt
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  1. 7770 is the best among them, with the hd 6850 coming close ;)

    Make sure you buy a PSU from any of these good brands-

  2. oke but is it possible to run the graphic card white white a 350 watt psu ?
  3. okay. when i got one of those ill buy a new psu xD

    btw does tomshardware do giveaway's from graphics card either ?
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