If a computer starts in safe mode but not in full mode is it a hardware or softw

The computer I built a few years ago and just sold my sister has started to fail, upon booting the display is distorted, and before it gets to the login page, the screen loses is signal and the computer restarts and the blue screen of death appears (windows 7). When loaded in safe mode the startup and login will complete, still with the distorted output. I haven't had a chance yet to reinstall the graphics drivers, but if it turns out to be hardware, is there a way to tell if it is the graphics card itself or the psu? The graphics card is an sapphire x1950 pro and psu is an antec neo he 430. Thank you
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  1. When you get to the options to go into Safe Mode chose VGA mode. Then set the resolution to one you know will work on the monitor. Re-start and see if that doesn't help. Also load up-to-date drivers asap. If that doesn't work it may be your card and you could try a different one if possible. That's a fairly reliable PSU so if everything else is working it's probably the video card. Clean out as much dust as you can, also.
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