Minimum temperature for a computer (mostly AMD components)

Was not sure where to post this so sorry if it is in the wrong place.
This morning I could not get my PC to start up properly, first time only the fans seemed to turn on with nothing registering on the monitor and no usual beep. Second time it got stuck on the windows logo.
Third attempt it got to the sign in screen but then seemed to crash with the screen going fuzzy. After this I tried starting it in safe mode which worked thankfully, after a restart it now seems to be working normally.

I don't know if the cold weather has anything to do with it as I do not know what the minimum temperature of the components are, it was about 12°C maybe half a degree lower, its now 14°C and seems to be working ok (inside of the PC will now be a lot higher obviously.)

Again I don't know if that was the cause, any advice would be very much appreciated.
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  1. it could be anything,

    i think it is video card that is failed
  2. Like I said all seems to be working now, including high graphics games.
  3. Cold temperatures only poses an issue when the case internal temperature is significantly below room temperature through refrigeration or some other means.

    But if the room is just legit cold, there shouldn't be any issue with the low temperatures.
  4. ^ this. That's really not that cold at all. I usually set my thermostat that low when I'm gone a few days in winter. Generally the cooler the ambient temp is the better.
  5. Don't know what could have caused it then...
  6. Booting a computer in safe mode gets your computer to use basic drivers. Meaning you're problem could be more related to software. Something that was installed recently, downloaded etc.
  7. Computer will now not boot at all, fans and lights work but it makes no beep and nothing else happens, just a black screen...
  8. Forgot to say it went to blue screen and restarted the first time I turned it on, was on the desktop at the time.
    Managed to get it going after a few attempts, at one point it started and the screen went white, it froze several times on the log in screen, could really use some advice here.
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