Question about upgrading a pre-built.

Hey guys,

About 3-4 years ago i bought this computer prebuilt.

I replaced the GPU with a Radeon 6850, and replaced the RAM as well.

The processor is getting a little old and i want to upgrade it to something such as:

along with a new mobo as well:

My question is, will i run into any problems with compatability or really any problem in general, since its a prebuilt computer?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. it is compatible :) but for z77 mobo, you might want a good quality one from another brand, intel mobo is mostly avoided because of lack of feature
  2. find asrock z77 extreme4, it is very popular and trusted
  3. Well im not just limited to Intel, i just want a superior processor to my current processor which is an Amd Phenom II x4 955.

    I found some AMD + mobo bundles on here : and they have the brand you listed, are any of the 8xxx processors notable?
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    no no, i mean stick with i7 or i5, but the dont choose mobo from intel brand as you listed in the 1st post. pick from asrock, asus, gigabyte mobo. they are really trusted mobo manufacturer. asrock z77 extreme4 is the sweetspot

    this one
  5. Ah gotcha, i found a nice asus mobo to go with it. Also i'm just curious anyways if it would be better bang for my buck to get one of those AMD bundles, im trying not to spend over $350 on a combo and those run for about $250 max. I'm just not really sure if the AMD will give me much worse performance or not.
  6. much worse performance

    stick with intel cpu and you will not regret it :)
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