[HELP!] 6850 multiple drivers problem

This may be a bit difficult to explain,but here goes.
So,after switching motherboards I also bought a new GPU,switching from Nvidia to ATI.
Now,after installing the new 6850,performance didn't seem completely right,the wierdest part being that switching from max to min. quality in options in games gained me about 30+ more frames(if I'm being generous).
Felt funky about the drivers as I let the company that put my computer together update drivers and all that jazz,and aside from the wierd cable managment,rest seemed to run pretty well(except for the GPU of course).


Six cards!Never knew I had all those installed haha.
Obvious solution would be to delete all drivers and just reinstall,which I did multiple times prior to taking this screen pic.,and yet the six cards are still there.

http://i45.tinypic.com/dfrqg.jpg (while playing Team Fortress 2)

I've tried every single method of uninstalling drivers I could only find,from using driver sweeper to deleting registry entries on my own,only guide I skipped was the ATIuninstaller or something similiar,since I heard it may delete chipset drivers.

I own an MSI 6850,if that's any help.
AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0 Ghz
2 GB random ddr2 RAM

Please,if any of you took the time to read this whole thing,would anyone actually know a solution to this peculiar problem?
The jumpy clocks wierd me out the most.
Thank you for your time!
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  1. use the ati uninstaller then remove the ati card put back the nvidia and see if there is any nvidia driver left you have to remove them then remove the nvidia card put back the ati card and install the driver for her
  2. thanks for the tip but the nvidia card is dead :(
  3. then search if there is any nvidia driver left on the system
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