I think my amd 7670m doesn't work !

Hey ..

i just bought a new toshiba laptop with windows 8 , i7 , 6gb ram , amd 7670m video card and i have a series problem with Need for Speed Run , i change everything to low but it doesn't work as it should .
i have this device : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97hCjVWEWRA
look at the video , the man was playing Battlefield 3 on high setting and it work just fine !

i dont know how to check if my card work right or something wrong !

please help me , i have no idea what to do
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  1. someone told me that if i need to update my graphic card i need to unistall the old one first , and i was about to do that till i saw the Display adapters and it just have "AMD 7670m" card , so i thought it could be a problem if i displayed it :(
    like i said , i have no idea what the hell am supposed to do
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