My computer won't connect to any monitor through VGA and hdmi!

I recenty bought a used computer, it was about six months old. It has an Asus motherboard and an raedon graphics card. 8 gig of ram in 4 2gb chips and a sata hard drive running windows 7. It was working fine for a couple days and I could play games like dishonored and Skyrim on full graphics, then all of a sudden when I returned to my house with the computer I tried hooking up through both VGA and hdmi to my tv and to a monitor and could not get feed through either source. I've tried resetting my computer, using different connection cords, removing all but one of my ram chips and booting up and re inserting all my ram, taking out my bois battery, removing my power chord and holding the power button down for a minute and then plugging it back in and turned it on with still no feed. Some forums said to remove the graphics card but as I don't know exactly what I'm doing when it comes to the hardware and internal cords I'd like to get other opinions first. Also some say to check the power supply but it works fine, my computers fans and light for the video card and hard drive light up and it seems like a perfectly normal computer boot up. I've Heard no beeps although I'm not positive if it has the ability to beep as I have never heard it beep beforehand. I'm stumped on what to do and all the forum suggestions I could find haven't worked. Any help on what might be wrong would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. make sure the card is properly inserted into the pcie slot, it might have come a bit loose if you've moved the pc around with you... there should be a screw on the back bracket to hold it in place
  2. The graphics card? And is the pcie slot the cards slot on the motherboard?
  3. Didn't work, I still have no feed :/
  4. then you have do test the radeon on another system to see if she's working with one monitor only and does your motherboard got a video chipset on her without all parts name and model it's hard to go further
  5. Its a used computer so you might not have one, but if you do try and put in the driver disk for the motherboard. My brand new pc was having the same exact problem so i put in the driver disk and it worked perfectly fine.
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