Please help, new rig hitching in all games

I just put together a new computer and am getting hitching in all the games I've tried.

i7 3930k
ASRock Extreme6
32GB (8x4GB) Corsair Vengeance
Samsung 840 250GB SSD
Corsair HX650 PSU

In Far Cry 3 I get hitches when looking around in different directions.
In Planetside 2 I get hitches when looking in different directions and when scoping with a sniper rifle. Seems like when it's rendering new terrain.
In CS:GO I get hitches in almost every engagement, when there are players on screen and they are shooting. Lowering my graphics made it a little better but didn't fix it.

Other info:
Have all drivers for mobo installed
Running 310.64 Nvidia drivers
Problem happens with default settings and with overclock

If anyone has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it. This is extremely frustrating.
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  1. GPU/CPU temp ?
  2. CPU idling at 27 C right now. Highest I've seen it get is around 50C. Using Zalman CNPS9900.

    GPU idling at 29C right now. I set the fan curve so it never gets above 70C.
  3. Well uninstall drivers and insatll non beta ones. And did u do a clean install ?
  4. Yeah it was a new hard drive. I'll try WHQL drivers now.
  5. Still the same problem with different drivers. I also tried disabling XMP 1.2 and using standard RAM settings, didn't fix it either. Thanks for your input so far prototype.
  6. Well . New drivers release 310.70.

    If they dont work too try using another card ?

    Edit : Clock speeds on GPU ?
  7. try running with 2 sticks of memory.

    monitor size/res ?
  8. Disabling speed step seems to have fixed it. I think it might have been actually caused by turbo boost and not speed step but that is disabled as well now.
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