Gtx 690 performance problem

Morning, i have a performance problem with my gtx 690, about 3-4 weeks ago i posted on here about a gtx 680 sli performance problem consisting in low fps (the same as i used to get with my old gtx 590), at the time my system specs was:

Antec HCG 900w PSU Asus extreme III x58 mainboard
6GB Corsair dominator GT DDR3 ram @2000mhz
Intel i7 960 CPU@3.2Gh
Palit GTX 680 SLI (2cards)
2x WD Black Caviar 64mb cache 1TB in RAID 0
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

about a week later i thought it might had been the cards so i rma it for a asus gtx 690, but the problem was the same (no increase at all). When i posted on here that the problem still remained, people was saying i should change to windows 7 as vista was not really any good for gaming, so yesterday i upgraded my pc to windows 7 ultimate 64bit, and purchased the following

Asus Rampage iv Extreme x79 2 x Corsair Neutron series GTX 240GB Sata 3 in RAID 0 i7 2011 3930k cpu @3.2ghz

the actual windows side of things is miles better it loads faster, the system rating is 7.9 apart from the cpu which is 7.8 (which was 5.9 in vista but it might have increased because i am using 7). I have updated all the latest updates from the asus website including the bios to 3204 and installed all available window updates, i have the latest nvidia driver even tried the one from the dvd. but i am really stuck in the fact that my new components are miles better/faster windows 7 seems faster but the gaming performance fps etc... is still the same as my other set up of the gtx 680 in sli as well as being the same as my old gtx 590. The only things i have not changed is the psu, ram and my dvd drive which the games are online anyway.

My psu they say on the websites and on antec that the 12v rails are enough for the gtx 680/690 but i am wondering if they really are enough, if not could it be the ram. lol i am even thinking of paying someone if they come up with the solution that fixes it. in total mb, cpu, gtx 690,heatsink (which the 2011 dont come with), the 2 ssd's and windows 7 cost just over £2000. So as you can tell i am slightly pissed off.

i have changed my psu to a corsair tx750 which has a single rail of 62a, and the performance is still the same. so that counts the psu out!!!!!!
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  1. What is the gpu load like in game? Cpu load? Temperatues? Did you use driver sweeper between driver installations?
  2. could you post some GPU tests like 3d mark as well as the results of a CPU stress test. Also did you overclock the ram? just wondering because on the specs of the Asus Rampage iv Extreme it doesn't really list the ram as overclocked or not?
  3. That cpu ain't good for 690 gtx (in terms of gaming), get an i5-3570k, it will boost the gaming performance.
    And an asrock z77 extreme 6 board.
  4. There is no reason to get rid of the i7. It will do fine.
  5. Yes it is a good cpu, but for gaming there is much better ones now like the i5-2500k and recently the i5-3570k.
    Let face it he has the best dual gpu single card or single gpu dual cards. The only thing to improve is the cpu and mobo.
    The psu wolds well the 690 gtx.
  6. Until we know his cpu and gpu usage in game an upgrade is pointless. If his cpu isn't being used 100% then an upgrade won't do anything.
  7. cpu usage is about 50% no i havent overclocked the ram it is running at 2000mhz
  8. on gpu tweak it says gpu voltage (mv) and it is set to min at 0987, is this normal
  9. Oh thought the cpu was the i7-960, i didn't read the part when you said you bought an i7-3930k +Asus Rampage iv Extreme lol (you didn't have to spend that much).
    Well, what is your resolution when your playing and the games in question and respective fps ?
  10. 1920 x 180
    bf3 which i get around 50-60
    nfsmw average 45
    guild wars 2 55

    but people on youtube and the internet are getting 2/3 times more than what i am and i cant understand why, i even bought a new psu and which has a single rail because someone on here said they are better, no still no luck.

    i am even willing to pay someone to have a look at it lol.
  11. just tried switching off sli in nvidia control panel and it has no effect on the fps, it is the same whether it is no or off
  12. Those fps in battlefield 3 you shouldn't get even with 1440p.
    Need for speed most wanted i know it's poorly optimized for nvidia, it runs like crap on my card.
    Guild wars 2 is also poorly optimized for nvidia and the engine a mess, on ultra full,supersampling on gets about those fps even on a 690 gtx.

    Try downloading the latest nvidia drivers (310.70 Beta driver) and see if you have antivirus apps turned off.
    By the way, since you play most of these games online, is your internet connection a good one ? do you get high pings?
  13. play single player and tell us the fps. there are very very very few benches out there for multiplayer. so what are your bf3 single player fps? should be around 120-140.

    i think that is your problem. you are seeing single player benches and comparing to multiplayer benches which multiplayer cuts fps in half sometimes depending on cpu.
  14. sorry lol 70-75
  15. 7075
  16. not what i expected...

    so everything is new on your rig? you have a fresh install of windows7? you didnt upgrade you wiped you hard drive clean and did a clean reinstall? maybe you have a horrible driver conflict and a clean install would solve that.
  17. U do have all the power connectors on the mobo and the card plugged into the PSU, right? Dumb question, but there are quite a few power connectors on both.
  18. Yes with the pcie connector on the PSU I tried using the same plugs on one lead then one of each connectors on each lead
  19. hmmm can you try turning v-sync off and tell me whether the FPS changes (significantly)?
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