How important are GPUs in screen capture?

I was wondering if I would get better perfromance from my recording software (Bandicam) if I upgraded my graphics card (currently a ATI Radeon HD 5400 series)... I'm no sure how much of a part a GPU plays when it come to screen caputre - moreover, would it be better to upgrade my CPU instead (currently an AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz)?

Thanks all,

Just to clarify, by "screen capture", I mean recording what's happening on screen (ie. while playing a game).. and I'm afraid i don't know if Bandicam is hardware accelerated :/
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  1. You definetley could benefit by upgrading your GPU (cpu is pretty good for now) but just to be sure what games will you be recording?
  2. Mostly Minecraft, but occationally other games like Skyrim, XCom and Dishonored
  3. Well if you would like to upgrade your GPU what is your price range?
  4. :| Haven't got a fortune to spend i'll be honest, but anything up to £150 ($241) is plausable.. at that price what would you recomend? Would you go AMD or NVidia at that price?
  5. Before I make any reccommendations could you post your full System Specifications please?
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