GV-R797TO-3GD or 04G-P4-2673-KR

I have a GIANT difficulty- choosing between GTX 670 and HD 7970.
+I haven't got any problems with drivers in my 8600GT so far.
+EVGA and its plates looks nice :D
+4GB is more than enough, allows me to buy 2 another lcds some time and add it. And it looks more "PR-successful" than some odd 3GB
-As ppl say, its slower than 7970 (some even say that it can has quite big fps advantage, not some 5-10FPS)
-It has 256bit bus and lower clocks
+It seems to be faster than GTX
+It has 384bit
+in my country its cheaper than EVGA
-3 fans will probably "whirr" louder than one turbine and it would flow the heat air all around the case
-It has an odd 3GB, every odd number seems to look untypical, like athlon x3 with one core off, or 2+1GB RAM (my personal theory)
-ATI is known for it's drivers or their bad and/or strange work. I've been using one, and opening this goddamn CCC and setting anything there doesn't make me so happy
So, buy GTX and live with the mind "I could buy faster card for less money" OR buy 7970 and live with the mind "Damn, it has some odd 3GB and not like 4 giant GB, i could buy the other one"?

PC Specs ill probably buy:
Intel Core i7 3770k
Some ASRock fatal1ty mainboard (i think its a good z77 mobo?)
THIS "dillematic" grapics card
I have a OCZ 700W modxstream PSU
8 or 16GB RAM- its quite cheap, so i'll decide which to buy :D
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  1. Ok the 7970 its faster than the gtx 670, and like you said its cheaper, the drivers issue seems to be being resolved by the current beta drivers offered on AMD site. that being said, the adventages that te 670 gtx would offer its the 4gb vram, and the nvdia exclusive technologies. such as physix, last week i bought a 7950 (gigabyte) was working nice on games, but then i did a benchmark test and the result was horrible even my 460 gtx 1gb had way better results on the same test, so i just returned it and got a evga 670gtx that seems to be working nice so far.
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