HD400 vs HD4250 intergrateds

Intel HD400 vs HD4250 intergrated in some mobos.
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  1. "AMD HD 4250 is nowhere near Intel HD 4000. The AMD one is absolutely ancient. It should be fine for watching 320/480P video and basic browsing etc but anything beyond that would probably be too much. Intel HD 4000 could easily cope with 1080P and even the majority of games (on the lowest settings @ 720P). Even a basic card like the HD 6570 is actually better than HD 4000"
  2. The Intel HD 4000 is significantly more powerful than the old Radeon HD 4250 which is based off of the Radoen HD 3xxx series. The Intel HD 4000 is not a performance graphic core though. It is basically equal to a desktop Radeon HD 5550. The older Radeon HD 3000 in Sandy Bridge CPUs are basically equal to Radeon HD 5450.

    The Radeon HD 4250 basically falls in between the Intel HD (I refer to it as the Intel HD "1000") and the GMA 4500.
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