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Easy one for all the Brain Busters out there:

I have a 470 GTX that pretty much dominates all my current games, ie GW2, WoW... There is room for improvement in GW2, sometimes If I move the camera to fast I can see screen tears, other than that it is min 45 fps.

I am wanting to expand and get into some FPS....

Budget won't exceed 475$..
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  1. If you're having decent performance right now, there's no reason not to wait for the 8k series...

    If you really want one now, get either a 7970 GHz, or get a 670 - there's really no point in the 680. It's only a 5% performance increase for $100 more, when either card will MAX out any game at 1080p and 60fps.
  2. +1 re the GTX670. I'm waiting for GTX700 series though - buying a Radeon 8000 wouldn't be smart when the prices are gonna drop like a stone a couple of months later when the competition arrives.
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