First build $950

hey everyone im about to buy my first build just need sum help
i posted some articles before about some gpu's and a cpu's
but now i just need confirmation, do i miss any parts?
please comment down below!
thank you here is my future build:

i5 3470
Asrock H77 Pro4
Cooler Master Hyper TX3
Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650 650W
Cooler Master Storm Scout SGC-2000
Kingston HyperX Beast 8GB
Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970

Do i miss a part?
I know that i miss a HDD, and i don't want a SSD (i do not have the budget)
Can someone advise me a $80 1TB HDD for gaming, and video editing
thanks everyone!
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  1. Cooler Master Hyper TX3 ?
    get 212 evo instead, even if your arent OCing, it helps cooling down CPU
  2. no.
    i cant change CPU due budget :L
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