Is there a TV tuner for the acer aspire ax1700

Would like to fit a tv tuner but unable to find manual or how to, any help appreciated
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  1. This is interesting ... you need a USB tuner stick.

    You should be okay with a lower-end Core2, but it might get interesting with your CPU utilization and hardware acceleration. Not sure what internal graphics you have -- without DVXA hardware acceleration your CPU will have to work exponentially more harder in decoding.

    Also ... a USB tuner tends to be less of an issue with updated drivers and a fully-patched OS, so be sure to take care of that. Follow the instructions, and WinTV can still ruin your day --- requiring removal and reinstall.
  2. The Acer Aspire AX1700 is a s775 mini-ITX. I would not count on an open internal slot for a tuner card nor expect full hardware acceleration for some modern codecs and players.

    Additionally, some Hauppauge tuners are far from OS-agnostic. The OP should verify operation with his OS.
  3. @norest2733 - Is this your system? Acer Aspire AX1700-U3700A

    If so, are you using the included modem?
    If not, then I would ask what type of TV signal are you getting (Over-The-Air broadcasts, cable, satellite, IPTV)?

    -Wolf sends
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