Any cures for Texture loading or a way to reduce it?

My system specs as as fallows: I7 980x @ stock,24GB Ram, MSI GTX 670 PE, Rampage 2, My good ssd Died and now I have to use a 500gb WD Black.

I hate texture loading in games almost all my games have texture loading to a degree. I see texture loading the most in Frycry 3 and while it isn't always loading textures and what not I hate when it does. I have seen gameplay videos with little to none. I can't seem to pinpoint if my Videocard is under performing or what. Games like Max Payne 3 and borderlands 2 have almost zero texture loading as well as Hard reset and Sleeping dogs has a tiny amount. I put this topic in Videocards as I am not sure if it is my Videocard or just normal. I also have many questions. I am strongly considering putting my 980x and MB on Criagslist and selling it or trading it for like a 3570k and MB setup. I don't really need the extra cores I just wanna game. will PCI gen 3 improve my texture loading. I have the lastest drivers and 310.64 seems to be awesome but I have had a couple PC lockups in sleeping dogs and MW3 and Max Payne, the lockup sinces haven't happened. My GPU seems to max out at 64C temp wise. what should I do guys is it time to build a whole new rig around my GTX 670?
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  1. I know this is a confusing post guys but at the end of the day I just have no clue what to do. I can't help but feel like I need a whole new PC besides the GTX 670. I would love to scrap the whole rig and start fresh if only to cure some of my issues.
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