Silent computer in C70 case

I want to have a computer as silent as possible, with the Corsair C70 case.

The hardware I have is:

GPU: Zotac GTX680 - Ref cooler (pretty silent)
MB: Asus p8z68 v pro
CPU: Intel i5 2500k
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100 (No pump noise)
PSU: Corsair AX850
Main harddrive: SSD Samsung 830 series 128GB
2nd harddrive: 500 GB WD
RAM: 8 GB Kingston

I got the Corsair 600T, but I think it's to big.
So I want another case, where I looked at: Corsair C70 military green.
The fans I really don't have any idea, when it has to be silent and efficient.
I heard the new Corsair fans were pretty good, but LinusTechTips say NF-F12. Right now I have NF-P12.

Come up with something that is silent and, affordable!
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  1. Or is the 550D better for silence?
  2. I just built with a C70, and while I love the case, it's a bit louder than my old one. That said... I have an H100 (set on 'low') to go with the 3 pre-installed case fans. Therefore, 5 fans running and it's not that bad at all. I didn't take the step, but if you added some cheap sound foam it'd be even better.

    *GREAT* case tho.
  3. if you want silent you should get silent optimized fans. Noctua are the best but if you don't like the color there is noiseblocker, bequiet if your in europe, Zalman, swiftech, enermax, & corsairs fans are okay. The 550d is quieter but if you want a silent case the fractal design r4 is the best & also can come with a window if that is your thing. The way to tell if a fan is quiet there is a spec db(A) that means the noise level anything 25db(a) & below will be quiet. For air performance there are two different spec there is CFM which is more common. Anything 50Cfm & above will be a solid option. The other one is m3/h is similar to CFM and the conversion is about 1 m3/h to 0.6Cfm. if your confused just ask. Also any fan that is good quality will be $15-25 range anything cheaper your getting into the generic shiny looking fan stuff.
  4. I like Noctua fans.

    Which would you choose?
    The NF-F12 is $34 in my country. So expensive, but if it's the best and most silent, I'll go with that.

    Which case would you choose?
    Corsair 550D or Fractal Design Define R4?

    One important thing for me, is silence, and amazing cable management(That's why I prefer Corsair)
  5. Case – Corsair Graphite 600t White Edition

    I realize that this case has been featured on the site many times, but when it comes to computer cases, there really are only a few that can match the elegance of the Corsair Graphite 600T. With its sleek high gloss plastic accents, the 600T gives off that “wow” feeling, making it worthy of any enthusiast system. As usual with Corsair cases, they’ve done a terrific job at maximizing space in the case as well, so you should have no trouble getting everything to fit nicely. Corsair has always been masters of innovative cable management design as well and on the 600T, you’ll see nothing less.

    Case – Cooler Master HAF X

    For those who don’t follow Cooler Master cases, the Cooler Master HAF X is the flagship HAF, or High Air Flow, case which is designed for exactly what the name implies – high air flow. What does this mean? Well, you’ll be getting a total of four fans with this case, which might not seem like much, but unlike the tiny 120mm or 80mm fans that come on most cases, Cooler Master has included a large 230mm front fan, a 200mm top fan, a 200mm side fan, and a 140mm rear fan for maximum airflow. When it comes to fans people, size does matter.

    Additionally, you'll also be getting USB 3.0 support, 9 expansion bays making this one of the few cases on the market to support full four way multi-graphics SLI or CrossFireX configurations, huge interior capable of supporting large sized eATX and XL-ATX motherboard, internal hot swappable drive bays, a sidepanel window for showing off your gear, and much more.
  6. but cyco he said the 600t was to big for him & the haf X is even bigger. The define r4 is a little on the big side but people say its really easy to build in. also i don't know if price would vary or if there in your country but have you looked at aquatuning there a worldwide supplier for fans/watercooling?
  7. The define r4 is a good choice as well.
  8. I LOVE the inside of my 600T, and want something similar, would you take 550D then and which fans would you use? NF-F12?
  9. Just get any 120mm PWM fan that goes down to around <700RPM. Anything like that should be quiet when idle. If you need something quiet under load as well, the NF-F12 PWM fans are excellent.

    The NF-F12 PWM is designed for heatsinks, if you want quiet case fans I would go for NF-S12B FLX or NF-S12B ULN. Run them at <700RPM and it should be extremely quiet.

    With 120mm fans, in my experience 1200RPM is pretty acceptable for noise, not silent but not noisy. 1000RPM is pretty quiet, 800-900RPM is very quiet and <700RPM is almost inaudible.
  10. also if you get the R4 it has 140mm fans that are very quiet already. They operate at 15-19db(a) & push 53-69Cfm so if you get that case you will be set on fans. I would swap the back 140mm to the front and put your noctua in the back. then you'll have positive pressure.
  11. Yes, the Fractal R4 is a great silent option.
  12. I think Ill go with the Corsair Case, because it's so beautiful, and I like their build quality!

    Okay, I tried to swap some fan adapters, and got pretty low on FAN noise, but now I have a noise, I don't know where is coming from..
    Can it be the radiator on the H100?
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