7850 XF enabled but GPU1 not loading

hi, i just got my new hd7850 (i already had one).

I activate crossfire on CCC and everything seems normal. i've downloaded GPU-Z which says i have crossfire enabled but when i try msikombustor it says that GPU0 load is 100% and GPU1 load is 0%. besides GPU-Z doesnt show memory usage and gpu load on my 2nd gpu.

right now, on idle CCC says that my GPU0 is running on 860mhz 23% load and 31c but GPU1 is running on 300mhz 0%load and 25c.

i've tryed it on games and no improvement.

what should i do? i need some help and advice.

thanks for reading
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  1. i forgot to say:
    PSU 800w 80+ silver
    i7 3770k
    asus p8z77 v pro
    every driver updated
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