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Asus Mars 2 problemo

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December 4, 2012 8:08:54 PM

Since about 2 weeks after the purchase of my mars 2 I've had to play games in windowed mode to get significantly higher fps.
I want to eradicate or at least alleviate this problem I've been having for so long.
drivers changed, no change.
Fan increase to max no change. not sure what the problem is....


Asrock extreme 11 mobo
asus mars 2 graphic card
maxrevo 1500 watt psu
64gb ram of corsair mem 2133mhz
i7 3960x cpu
and older ssds one intel and other ocz

please help thnx

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a b U Graphics card
December 4, 2012 8:58:09 PM

The Mars 2 was always constantly bogged down with problems this is why they never are going to release the Mars III, if you read the Newegg reviews many people complain that it is worse than a gtx 590 and 2 gtx 560s in sli due to lack of good drivers.

I would see about re-installing the drivers from Nvidia but use a clean install and driver sweeper to remove traces of the previous drivers before installing.

Other than that do you have SLI enabled on the card in Nvidia control panel?
Do you have single display performance mode turned on?
Do you have prefer maximum performance selected under power settings?
What games are you having problems in? Are these legitimate games? Pirated games are known for causing issues

Direct review from newegg:
"Pros: Beautiful. Both in appearance and, when it was working, the images it produced.
It was supposed to be the last card I ever bought until the GTX 780 or GTX 880 series will be created in the distant future.
I have no doubt that, IF it had the proper drivers available that it would be the absolute top videocard produced to date.

Cons: Random crashes to a black screen. The drivers on the cd that came with it will not recognize the card as being installed. The drivers on the ASUS site do the same. The available drivers for a GTX 580 in SLi are not correct for the card and produce erratic results. The voltage is too low at stock settings. It won't even post until the voltage is raised by a tiny fraction. During 3DMark 11 tests I found GTX 560's that would score consistently higher.
NO Response from ASUStek Technical Support. I filed a ticket with them on 12/12/2011 and I'm having to RMA it to NewEgg today, 12/28/2011, while I still can. NO Response from the ASUS Forum. NO Help available anywhere at all!

Other Thoughts: If you didn't get to own one of these, count yourself lucky. It could've been great, but, a total lack of any support whatsoever has made it completely worthless.
Try a pair of GTX 580's instead. Not ASUS! You'll be far more satisfied."
December 4, 2012 9:16:34 PM

I usually use driver sweeper and do a clean reinstall.
sli is enabled and i do have it on max performance and single display.
The games that this happens with are hitman absolution, crysis 1 , warhead and 2, new dawn demo, unigine etc.
a b U Graphics card
December 5, 2012 4:42:26 AM

Yep pretty much explains my point, that card is flawed if you have the latest drivers. Unless its some other problem with either memory, hard drive, power supply, motherboard power etc...