How does length of the VGA or HDMI cable affect the quality

How does a, lets say, 5 meter cable affect the quality of the image?
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  1. 5 meter is nothing. You should be worried at 20 meters, though.

    HDMI will just not show if the signal is not strong enough. VGA will start having artifacts.
  2. They sell "repeaters" now that you can place in between 2 high length cables to extend the range of the signal, I have a ViewHD brand box at home I use.
  3. Are repeaters necessary for 5meters ?
  4. Should have asked about DVI not VGA...
  5. Basically, if they manufacture a cable, it will work. No matter the length. They wouldn't make them if they didn't work.

    DVI is same as HDMI. It will either work or not. The signal quality does not degrade. It just stops working.
  6. Thank you.
  7. Well, technically he is right, they aren't likely to manufacture a cable that the signal quality would degrade on, but you can certainly buy the HDMI cable material and create your own, but yes, they probably won't sell in store a pre-made cable that is too long to keep the signal.
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