Is this any good?

hello, i want to get this pc below, but want to upgrade the graphics card...

iBUYPOWER Power TG914 Gaming PC - 3rd generation Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz, 8GB DDR3, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 300 Watt, Keyboard/Mouse, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
FOR $870

the pc comes with intel hd 4000 graphics card and i would like to upgrade it to something better
fyi i will be playing games like guildwars 2 and league of legends

what do you recommend?
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  2. No, just scratch that "gaming pc" cause it's just a flashy case with a expensive cpu with no gfx card and a more than crappy psu 300w, just to fool the consumers...
    The intel hd 4000 is not even good for 720p gaming.
    For that price you can have a pc wtih i5-3570k + 660 gtx or even better..
  3. A 300 watt PSU wont handle a graphics card added onto that. You are better off getting an i5 for gaming, a better PSU and a midrange card. A 660 ti, maybe a 670 if you want to spend more. (Im not recommending AMD cards only because im not familiar enough with the range.)

    That system is not geared for gaming. HD 4000 graphics are just the intergrated ones the i7 comes with. If you arent comfortable building a computer, I would look at gaming machines.
  4. Yeah, but the thing is they called the PC : iBUYPOWER Power TG914 Gaming PC..."Gaming pc" LOL.
  5. Marketing my good friend.
  6. Yes i know, it's very effective one, just put a flashy case and an some i7, add 32 GB ram that gamers don't need but hey it's 32 GB so it's better than those pcs with 8GB, but no gfx card and with a psu like this :
    Then add some super cool gaming pc name and fool the consumers.
  7. djangoringo said:
    Yeah, but the thing is they called the PC : iBUYPOWER Power TG914 Gaming PC..."Gaming pc" LOL.

    Premade PCs are almost always a ripoff *cough* macpro *cough*. Handpick your components in a good computer shop and have them (or if you have a friend who knows how) assemble it. Those big retailers usually have ignorant salesmen who got no IT knowledge and will tell you everything you want to hear just to get rid of the junk.
  8. +1 for getting a local place to assemble exactly what you want.
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