Need a gpu for skyrim

so i have all the parts to my system except my gpu so im using my integrated graphics (intel hd 4000). i wanna play skyrim on high-ultra settings and im looking to get a card thats around 150 dollars, less if possible, my system specs right now are:

intel i5 3570k
12gb ram
750w psu
500gb 7200rpm hdd

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    +1^ to the 650 ti and 7850, both are worthwhile cards. I myself play @ 1600 x 900 with a Phenom II X4 955 and an HD 7770, and I play on ultra setting above 30 fps always. The graphics card depends on your resolution, also just because I play ultra on Skyrim doesn't mean its the best card since there are other games that are more gpu bound and will favor stronger video cards. I believe Skyrim is a cpu bound game and that 3570k will do real good with it.
  2. I would go with the 7850.
    May need to spend a little more, but I really like it more.
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  4. 7850 for sure, make sure its 2GB. Moderately modded I get around 1.4-1.9 GB of vram usage. Also, Skyrim is also mainly CPU, not GPU. Its almost impossible to get 100% GPU usage, as Skyrim also I believe only utilises two cores from the CPU (Thats what happens when you buy a game from Bethesda).

    Honestly with my 7850, I'm on like 40 FPS and its pretty heavily modded, and then I look at my GPU usage and see it only on like 60%. Kind of sucks, especially when you can get more frames.
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