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External GPU for a laptop

saw a site a while back that i cant seem to find anymore, said that you can jurry rig a descrete on to a lappy

My friend's lappy is an i7, 12 gb of ram, intel 4000 just wont cut it anymore. i wanna know if we can put a hd 7770 or somthing in there....

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  1. You can't put it in there.

    You need a thunderbolt port, and a couple hundred dollars to spend.,3263-2.html
  2. Egpu can also use mpcie and expresscard. Expect the adapter to be ~$113 plus the price of the 7770 and psu. You're going to have to be more specific on the laptop model to know if your connections would even be able to be accessed without having to take apart the entire laptop.

    I believe this is the site you found earlier as it was THE place to go for egpu info. Unfortunately it is no longer maintained.

    Commercial products like samuel posted are a lot more expensive, expect $200+ plus the gpu you want.
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    Honestly, its kind of a waste to do this kind of thing. The 7770 is like $110, and to put it in a laptop, you have to buy the super expensive enclosure, which costs money.
  4. You don't need an enclosure. But you are right about not being worth it. You could sell the old laptop and the money you would spend on the adapter+gpu+psu would get you a laptop that had a better gpu built in.
  5. It's just not worth it. Gaming and laptops have never really gone hand in hand that well when compared to desktops.
    If you need mobility, save your cash and make a mini-itx gaming rig - that's your best bet.
  6. k. thanks.
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