Microsoft has made a firm statement on OEM Win 7

Today I got an ad from Amazon selling me a "Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (Full) System Builder DVD 1 Pack" for $92.65:

This is different wording than I was used to, and it made me start digging. Had they changed the licensing agreement for win 7 OEM to make it friendlier for personal system builders, like the majority of people on this forum?

The answer, unfortunately, is not good.

They state quite clearly here that if you are building a PC for your own personal use and using Win 7, "Full packaged retail product" is needed.

They also say that the system builder version of Win 8 is acceptable.

I don't really think this changes anything. I build and sell computers occasionally and they simply cannot dictate to me which one I get to keep as my own... what if I bought one back, would I have to instantly remove the OS?

However, this may influence some people to buy Win 8 or buy the full win 7. There are certainly other reasons to buy a full copy that may be worth the extra $70 to many.
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  1. You can buy OEM copy and use it anyway you want the difference is a full repail copy gets support from window OEM do not.
  2. Proximon - Windows 7 OEM license has always state that the OS is for systems intended for resale. I've always looked at it as these are computers that I just have not been able to sell. And yes, Windows 8 is much more lenient.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Yes, I understood that. But, I think this is the first time they have stated clearly that it is not for enthusiasts.
  4. thats kind of lame, but the price difference between oem windows and retail full is quite large. and not worth it, like people actually want microsoft support please, try one day calling in its really bad, mostly over seas sales agents and tech support nothing homegrown from the good old usa.

    interesting fact tho proximon thanks ;P
  5. It's always been that way that I can recall. And no one cares. Nice to see they acknowledged something close to reality for Win 8.
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