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Ok so I am looking to build a computer, I have built others but long time ago and was misc. parts lol. but anyways I am looking at getting the i5 3570k and putting it in an Asus P8z77-V pro. Wondering if that's a good start? I am also looking at the MSI power edition N650 ti graphics card, I know I should spend more here but I figure its something that I can replace easy enough down the road. Or should I try to find one in that price range that has SLI so later I don't have to spend as much?
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  1. The CPU and motherboard is good, and add 8Gb of memory for some extre future proofing. The GPU at 1080p will be fine at Med to high settings on most games out today if your planning to game.

    Best advice I can give really is never go cheap on the PSU as a bad one can ruin your whole system.

    Have fun building!
  2. good so far i suppose, but that board is most likely overkill. gigabyte z77x ud3h or will probably do you fine. look at what they offer and see if you would actually miss anything that isnt there. take the money you would save on that and get a gtx 660 (whatever manufacturer is your preference) and run with it from there (the card is a buhjillion times better than the 650!). any 1600 mhz memory will do you fine. for gaming, go 8gb, video editing+, go 16gb. completely agree with Metwingie about the PSU though, make sure you get a bronze certified (80% efficiency) PSU from a reputable manufacturer.

    other things on your shopping list? my personal suggestion would be a nice SSD (120/128GB as minimum) and a middle of the road HDD for your storage needs. Other thing to note is that the cooler that comes with the 3570K is god awful. have you looked at any aftermarket ones? what sort of overclock are you looking to get from it?
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