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I recently came across an EVGA GTX 560 TI Card, after some thought I've decided I would like to create a small gaming PC with it.

I want to take advantage of Steam's new BIG PICTURE feature and hook the PC up to my TV. It will sit next to a XBOX 360.

I've built a few normal size (ATX) PC's but never anything this small.

What size motherboard should I get micro or mini? What size case too? I think I want a horizontal case (one that has a longer width then length, so it can sit in a TV stand paired with the XBOX.

I'll take any other advice or recommendations to make the build easier :)

- Joe
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  1. Look at the Silverstone GD05 htpc case .
    Decent cooling and a reasonable price .

    You can use a m-ATX motherboard

    The 560 ti is a generation out of date and not worth the new price . If you were thinking of buying it new , then dont .
  2. Great thank you,

    I like the case, this seems to be the most recent version:

    I got the 560 TI as a hand-me-down, its got 2GB of RAM which I figured would work better with the bigger TV screen.
    I just hope it will fit in the case lol.
  3. I just built a tiny (I can fit it in my backback no problem) gaming rig that is registering 7.6-7.9 in all Window's performance categories (not sure how great that is). Almost all are 7.9 except the CPU, which is at stock speeds right now due to cooler issues. My computer flies, I'm absolutely thrilled with the performance (sans 1 vid card issue I'm having at the moment).

    the mobo I used (works very well):

    Asus P8Z77I-Deluxe

    The case I used:

    Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced

    This case just blows me away. With my enormous video card (HD 7950 Sapphire), two HD's, full size ATX power supply, it's pretty much filled up to the max. They really managed to make a tiny case that literally fits everything you need with no room to spare. High quality, looks nice. I'm going to slightly modify it (cut the bottom of the HD cage to fit a liquid cooler radiator underneath it), but other than that, it's absolutely perfect. And only $40-50, such a steal.

    Good luck
  4. screen size is not important , only the resolution .
    A 560 ti will play games well at 1080p resolution so it is going to work .
    It should easily fir that case , and so will a standard ATX power supply . See the article I linked to about how long the psu can be .

    That GD 05 USB 3 is new to me . But it looks identical to the older version which had only USB 2 front ports
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