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Good PC Cap. Card 100-200 dollars?

Hi, sorry if this is commonly asked, i truly am, but i would like to know whats a good HD Capture Card? My budget is around 100-200 dollars, maybe a little bit over 200. I use dxtory to record now but the file is either a low FPS, and a SUPER huge file,(dxtory video codec) or semi-decent quality and good FPS. The only problem with the "semi-decent" codec (x264) is that it completely lags in Sony Vegas Pro 12 and wont even show up in After Effects. I either need a good capture card or a good codec thats HD, will work well in AE and Vegas, and its like 100 GB files.
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Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard
7200 RPM WD Caviar black 1TB HD
Crucial M4 SSD 128 GB
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    Thanks, ill definatly consider saving up for this, bu do I need a sound card for it too?
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