680 classy hydro copper loop help

I just recieved my 3 hydro copper waterblocks for my gtx680 classys, im going to build a loop that cools the 3 gpus and the MB. will this setup work well or will it be way to much
Alphacool NexXxos XT45 Full copper Quad 140mm Radiator
AquaComputer Aqualis PRO Reservoir - Nano coated (450ml)
Swiftech MCP655 12v pump w/ speed control 3/8 conversion kit (317 GPH)
Im using the 3/8 fittings that come with the Hydro coppers.
I would rather go over kill then not be enough, what pvc tubing size do i need for the loop, Im a little confused, should i get (3/8ID x 5/8OD) or (3/8ID x 1/2OD) tubing.. i want the tubing that fits the same fittings that come with the big HC fitting.
I hope this is not to confusing any help would be great, Thanks
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  1. 7/16 tubing for 3/8 fittings a lot easier
  2. you can also dip the end of the tube in boiling water for a few seconds and it will fit easier over the barb
  3. Cool thanks, I got everything set up with new mb, went with asus maximus v extrema. 2 120 rads, and of course the 3 680 classifieds in one loop cooling the i7 ivy. My gpu temps are 23 c and spike at no more then 40 on a load of hours of testing. Cpu is looking pretty cool for an ivy. 23 c and heats up to 67-75 never 80c in intell burn test on extream settings. I'm sure I could tweak a few thing to make it better far as cooling. I'll try and put some pictures up soon. I with some benchmarks :>
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