Best value GPU for GPGPU Compute

I am using my graphics card for Compute calculations only (ie, using CUDA or OpenCL).
I only need Single-Precision, which I believe means that Tesla cards are probably not the best value, and that cheaper games-oriented cards would give me better performance/$.

How do I tell what performance from each card I get? I thought I could compare the raw GFLOPs specs, but I keep hearing the newer nvidia cards have had Compute crippled (but strong for gaming).
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  1. 7970.
  2. ok - but how do you know that? What spec/benchmark have you looked at that will tell you that?
  3. thanks - and is there any way to compare Quadro/Tesla to this?
  4. the general float point performance won't be change when using a Quadro, they are ussually much slower. They have better drivers for workstation graphics and better support.,3265-20.html
  5. the keplars are very lacking for compute performance. if you *need* CUDA then look for a good buy on eBay for a GTX 580 - i often see find deals for ~$300.

    if not then consider a 7950 or better yet a 7970.

    this may help:
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