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What if I buy an HDD ?

I am in a budget, so I am buying a Western Digital Barracuda 1TB Hard Drive ,7200 RPM, Sata III.
Is it worth a buy ? I want some fast booting with windows 8.
Is this Drive good enough, OR should I go with a SanDisk 60 GB Ultra SSD, Link below :

Please see and tell me !!!!
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  1. hdd 7200rpm is always the best choice

    unles you have 100-200 budget, get 128-256gb ssd. 64GB is too small to get
  2. u need speed or speed and space?
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    I would advise getting a very low storage capacity, about 32gb ssd if you can find one cheap, for your boot drive which will help you boot really fast and you can put any programs you use frequently or take a while to boot on that as well, and get another 500gb-1tb hdd for all other files and programs that you need to store.
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  5. 32GB SSDs are very bad ideas and really only useful as cache drives. You're going to have a lot of frustration. An SSD is not needed and one that size is more trouble than its worth
  6. what do you mean by trouble?
  7. there very small and not worth the price.

    64 gbs is the smallest u want for a ssd.

    seems not bad :)
  8. thats why i said if he can find one for cheap otherwise there would be no point since it would be almost the same price as a 60/64GB
  9. nothing under 64 gigs makes sense.

    nothing else to say sir. :P
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