Is it safe to use both onboard and dedicated graphics

Due to some problems with my 7950 "bad hdmi-hdmi" quality, I've eluded to using an DVI-HDMI on the 7950 for my tv and have also plugged in a DVI-DVI from my onboard z77 mobo. I'm currently setting my Tv as primary and opening my games through that, then dragging it over into my 24" that's connected to my mobo. Is this safe for the mobo graphics? I'm getting the same FPS on demanding games.

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  1. if it works then there should be no danger to any of the hardware. Although I don't see why you wouldn't hook up the 24" to the radeon,set the 24" primary then use the dvi-hdmi adapter with the onboard graphics to the TV.
  2. heh for some reason when i do that i also get the fuzzy colors :) ultimately a fix to that would be nice but i'll improvise for now
  3. Did u try changing the setting under the "TV" tab in CCC ? Worth a shot.
  4. Yeah i tried changing the tv settings fitting resolution etc but the resolution isny the problem. Im getting completely different color schemes with hdmi-hdmi to gpu and hdmi-dvi to mobo onlything workin is hdmi-dvi to gpu
  5. with my radeon card there is a overscan setting in the driver. make sure it's set to off. since I no longer have the card I can't say exactly where it is.
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