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I have recently encountered a couple problems with my roommate's computer. He uses an Asus K60I laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, but whenever he tries to connect to the home router, it always gives him "Limited Connectivity." This being said, the internet access on his laptop works flawlessly. The "Limited Connectivity" indicator has just been bugging him, and he has asked me to help get rid of it.
However, there is another, much more significant problem that has started up recently. It seems to me that whenever this laptop connects to the wireless network, all other devices, like his iPod Touch or my Nexus One, get booted off of the wireless network and are unable to connect to it until the laptop disconnects.
I am quite inexperienced with this whole Wi-fi business, so please help a brother out.

Thank you!
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  1. What is the model of the router?
  2. Yup, the model would be a great help.

    Sounds like you have an ip address conflict -- perhaps the router's DHCP server does not have a sufficient address range alloted. Insure that your devices are getting dynamic addresses assigned, rather than static addresses that may be conflicting.
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