League of legends Random frames drop on beast specs


Here are my specs
Zotac gtx 670
i7 3820
8gb corsair ram
850 watt normal 80+
hitachi 1tb harddrive
x79 asrock motherboard

I get random lag, i dont know what it is. im playing and all of a sudden i go from 120 fps to like 30. its a half a second lag spike. It happens in alot of games like minecraft cod4 firefall and alot of other games. Any suggestions on what i should do. Anyhelp will be appreciated. I dont know what it is. I think it might be my computer. Anyway i can check out what drops when im getting these lag spikes. maybe my cpu ghz idk.... Its really pissing me off
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  1. Get cpu-z and monitor temps and usage during the dips.
  2. my cpu is always under 43c and my gpu is always under 38c
  3. Not sure about moniter
  4. He meant monitor the temperatures, not to check the monitor, and check CPU usage, like when you have task manager, during those drops check if the cpu or ram usage suddenly spikes up.
  5. Yes my cpu is at 704k Dont know how to cap it
  6. the usage on the task manager
  7. what do you mean that the cpu is at 704k?
  8. 704,000
  9. it goes really high like that with all my games i have no idea on how to cap it or stop it from going up
  10. when you turn on task manager, and then play a game, are there spikes in the cpu percentage? on task manager it says like 30% of cpu, does it ever spike really high?
  11. Yes some are small some are big
  12. Im not really sure what to say, just try updating the graphics drivers and hope for the best.
  13. Awh ok
  14. bob can you teach me how to find out how to check the spikes in my cpu percentage
    Cause i honestly have no clue
  15. Don't worry about it, honestly I don't think that the i7 will spike from lag, I would question internet connection but games like minecraft can be played without it.
  16. Yea thats what i was thinking it was prob my internet cause it happens in every game and i honestly have horrible internet but when im playing im always at 20 ping or under so yea....... If you find out anything get back to me asap. thanks bob
  17. ya no problem, I have pretty basic internet but i always have like 18 ping, but im usually at 30 fps, so that might be it. And i don't go up to 120 fps cause i don't have a beast computer, btw add me on lol?
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