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Graphics Card Drivers question

Okay, so I'm a bit new in building up a new gaming PC. I have a question regarding graphics card drivers.

I've been seeing videos and post that not to use drivers in the box, download from site instead. why?
What will be the effect of using driver/drivers from site instead of the driver included in the box?
Should I do that even though I won't overclock myself and will only buy factory overclocked card?

Some newbie questions over here. Please find time to answer. thanks!
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  1. newer driver help with performance and stability. Also sometimes they patch it so you can actually run some games.
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    They increase Game performance and compatibility.

    Mostly upto 30% increase in New Titles. ;)

    The Latest driver for Nvidia is 310.70
    The Latest driver for AMD is 12.11 Beta 11
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