Best FPS gaming monitor?

I'm looking to buy a Monitor for gaming with good FPS(refresh rates)
Honestly I've never bought a HD monitor and currently for a good one. I'm looking to buy no more than 3 of them.
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  1. There is no best monitor.

    Look at monitors in your price range, see what you like.

    Some good brands are

    Dell, Samsung, Asus, Viewsonic and LG.
  2. +1 to Dell and Asus. Not so sure about the others. My Samsung was great at first, but image quality really dropped over the first year. People did warn me about Samsungs degrading though so I only have myself to blame :-) Really weren't many options for me at the time though, it was absolutely non-negotiable that it was gonna be a PVA or IPS panel TFT for colour accuracy, true 24-bit colour, reduced colour shift, superior blacks etc and most PVA and IPS panels were 27"+ and crazy expensive.
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