Graphics Card Upgrade for a 2006 HP Pavilion

how can i upgrade the graphic card of my system HP pavilion g6
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  1. u cant because laptop are not upgradable all u can do is upgrade the ram u cant change the gpu on laptop because it build itself all i just say is sale u r laptop and
    make a new pc for u r it can be upgradable at time to time if u need any hardware question how to build it ask us tom s hardware we will guide u a good advice not those silly tit seller who always judging their self a best which in really not
  2. You have a pre built system, They tend to have the cheapest motherboards you can buy.
    With very little features or upgrade options to add in, so you end up being limited by the board for upgrading. Its the way company`s of pre built systems from HP or Dell work for example ensuring you upgrade to there next tower for example if your not tech savvy.
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