Video card giving no signal, other card works though

So I had a geforce 9800 gtx in my pc. Worked fine, no issues.
Last month upgraded to a geforce 660 ti and that worked fine.

I am building a new pc right now and am going to use the 660 ti in it. So I put the 9800 back in my original pc but now I get no signal to the monitor.

I have checked and rechecked all connections, but I get no signal. If I put the 660 back in I get picture but for some reason the 9800 isnt working.

Anybody have any ideas? Is the card just broke? I put it in the 660's box and havent touched it since the swap so dont see how it was damaged.
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  1. is the fan of 9800 gtx is spin or not also check the pcie connector power connector must connect to graphic card to show the display + also check the card is not overheating do some dust clean off from card and replace the thermal paste too
  2. Where did you keep the 9800 GTX when it was not in your PC?
  3. he must keep the graphic card in antistatic nag that had came from gtx 660 ti right
  4. Not necessarily. But I hope not semi wet basement :D.
  5. It was in the 660's bag and in a closet. I had cleaned and re-applied arctic silver 5

    Anyways, I loosened the heatsink a little and gave it one more go and I got a signal. I started in safe mode and had picture. I restarted to normal and it had signal. But about 20 seconds after windows opened I lost again.

    So took it back= out, took off heatsink and cleaned thermal compound off and re-applied again and then put heatsink on but this time didnt tighten it down as much and to my surprise it now works.

    Im assuming it was tightened to much and something was flexing and losin connection, or was overheating somehow due to overtighting?

    Anyways its working now
  6. Could have been anything, really. Glad you've solved it.
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